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It’s common for people to relish in the occasional fantasy about the future. However, it seems an increasing number of restaurateurs are now working towards a future without food aggregators. While it’s debatable whether aggregators help restaurants acquire new customers, they certainly have altered consumer behavior to look for discounts and offers to an extent where they might think twice before ordering from their favorite restaurant if they don’t get a discount.

Restaurants have been accusing aggregators of resorting to heavy discounts, data masking, and charging uneven commissions for a few years now. Aggregators have had pushback in late 2019…

We Indians are passionate about two things- movies and food. Thanks to rapid digitalization which has made it easier for movie buffs and foodies to satisfy their cravings. While there are tons of digital content available online, the presence of online food delivery apps in India has revolutionized the food service industry.

If we talk about the stats, the number of food delivery app users in India has already surpassed the mark of 184 million, which in turn is generating a massive revenue of USD 9,207 million! …

Laalsa Business Insights today launched their food delivery app ‘Yumzy’ for an enhanced user experience. The newer version boasts some major updates that are aimed at providing their partner restaurants more control over their business by helping them leverage the latest marketing strategies. Yumzy is the eco-system that empowers restaurants to make them independent and self-sustained without depending on third party aggregators any more.

Laalsa Group — A Hyderabad Based Conglomerate presents to you the first of its Kind Application “YUMZY” — An Application — A need of the hour and a solution for the rising problems of Restaurateurs/ Restauranpreneurs…


YumzyX is a comprehensive SaaS product designed for restaurants and hyperlocal businesses to take orders online and connect directly with customers.

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